Ruby woo worn with cherry lip liner both by Mac

Add a touch of Glamour to any outfit… Jeans or Black dress or even your wedding day!!

Red can be brave shade to wear and one of the most common comments is I CANT WEAR RED all women can wear red and find a red to suit her… trust me…Be brave and wear it with confidence, One moment it’s on your lips, the next it’s smeared all over your face, nose and chin. So making sure you’re wearing the best red lipstick out there is crucial. It can be maintenance when eating but a quick touch up will do the trick.

First of all, it comes down to picking the right shade for you. The secret is to find one that completely works with your coloring. Which is basically everything, from the undertones of your skin, to your hair and eye color. Yes, it’’s the hardest part of finding a new lipstick. But, these small things really do make a big difference when finding a shade of red that suits you.
Blue-toned reds look cooler and more retro, whilst poppy orange reds are warmer and look a little bit more modern. And those dark very berry reds that you covet on the covers of magazines and backstage are totally achievable too – when you know the right products and shades to buy.
For the ultimate classic cool look make sure you team your new red lipstick with a natural nude eye shadow and just a hint of mascara. Or try slicking on a feline black liquid eye-liner to look like you’ve just stepped out of the 1950s. Whatever look you’re choosing to go for, add classic glamour and an air of elegance to any outfit, its also nice to wear red lipstick with a smokey eye and lashes to rock up a red carpet look.
 There’s no denying that a good lipstick is a make-up bag staple, but do you know which shade should you be wearing? I am here to help you with this

                              Fair complexion

Play it cool Bright reds with blue undertones add vibrancy to alabaster skin, Cool blue tones also make teeth appear whiter. Warm up your cheeks with a light sweep of bronzing powder, but avoid contouring and wear a soft  highlighter to maintain a classic, fresh-faced finish.

                              Olive complexion

Unlike your fair girlfriends, you should steer clear of blue undertones, which can turn pink on medium, olive-toned skin, Orange-based brick reds flatter olive complexions since they help erase sallowness,` Outline and fill in your lips with a blue-based liner first, then swipe your orange-based lipstick on top. I love this tone when I’m more tanned or have healthy looking holiday skin.

                             Deeper complexion

Deeper complexions, high pigment orange reds stand out without the risk of appearing milky or pastel. The color contrasts well with deep tones because of the rich clour, To keep any bright red from a raisin or bronze to brown lip pencil to polish the outer edges, this way it looks more polished and dressed up.

Burgundy based lips deliver intensity for all skin tones without feeling too vamp, Let your lips be the focal point by keeping the rest of your makeup subtle with a sheer wash of blush on the cheek. To add staying power, it’s crucial to line your lips with a matching pencil first. Be generous with it and feather your pencil inward before applying the lipstick, try to avoid an unnatural cupids bow shape and overly drawing the lip line..

Be bold ladies wear Red!!


Bye for now x

Why Your Skin Care Routine is Important

1. Our skin sheds itself daily.
You may think your skin is healthy today, but did you know your skin cells shed just about every minute of every day? This means the healthy skin you have today will be shedding tomorrow, so if you don’t care for it now your skin could look dull and lifeless and less than perfect skin. Isn’t that a good reason to start a daily skin care routine?

2. Your skin type
Perhaps you have a friend who doesn’t have a skin care routine and her skin looks great. Well that is great for her, but did you know that all skin types are different? Because of this, your skin may require more care than the next persons. For this reason a daily skin care routine is important. choose the right skin care for your skin type.

3. Beautiful skin for a life
If you want gorgeous skin 30 years from now, the choices you make today will help that happen. Beautiful skin is a lifelong process, and developing a daily skin care routine today can help you keep beautiful skin for the future. At the same time, negative skin care routines now can harm your skin for the future.

4. Prevention is easier.
Preventing potential skin problems now is easier than trying to fix skin issues in the future. Taking the time to look after your skin daily takes less time than having cosmetic work or pay for a dermatologists skin issues as a result of neglect down the line.remember prevention is easier than cure.

5. A skin care routine saves you money and future cost
When you take care of your skin health, you avoid issues down the line that can be costly. If you don’t want to deal with acne scars, deep wrinkles, skin discoloration, or other skin issues, a skin care routine now can prevent trips to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon in the future to address these issues.

6. Look good feel better
Having clean and clear skin can help boost your confidence and keep you looking your best! Your face is the first part of you people look at so go forward with your best face forward. A daily skin care routine can help you do this, your makeup will never sit fresh and flawless without well looked after skin.

7. A skin care routine can help establish other healthy routines.
Add a skin care routine to your other healthy living routines so you can develop better health habits all around like teeth and hair care. Try before you buy and don’t be shy asking for samples so you know you are happy with the purchase.

Always use a moisturizer before primer as it makes your priming even, Bobbi browns moisturizers has primer in and so does embryolisse.








The light salon Harvey Nichols 0207 259 4410

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The best advise for good brows are finding the right colour and shape that suits your face, I absolutely love my brows looking naturally groomed and not too dark for my hair colour maybe one shade darker than my hair, I have threading treatment once a month to keep them looking clean shaped and perfectly shaped. your brows are sisters not twins and over plucking can be a disaster so leave it to the brow specialist to achieve the right shape for you.

The Right brows are important to your face, speak to your therapist about the perfect shape before you make a brow mistake it could take months to repair, I always hold a mirror while they are threading just to make sure they don’t get too thread happy.

  1. Take a pencil or another long, thin instrument. Line it up from the corner of your eye to the edge of your nose.
  2. The place where the instrument overlaps your brow is where it should begin.
    • Step 1: Brush it UP
    • Step 2: Measure it.
    • Step 3: Throw some shade.
    • Step 4: Add detail.
    • Step: Set it.

Here are my favorite brow products

* The kit: Bobbi Brown brow kit £35

* Delilah brow shaper £18

* Tweezerman tweezers £14

Hydrate your skin

HYDRATION INSIDE AND OUT!!  lack of humidity during the winter months, skin can easily become dehydrated. Once that happens, many concerns could become apparent like uneven texture, redness and breakouts. Adding a hydrator to your daily skincare routine prevents skin dehydration.” dont forget we also need to drink water in the winter.

Hydrators, like cyto luxe hydration, are lighter than a moisturizer and penetrate further into the skin. Use 3-4 drops before you moisturize.

If your skin has a tendency to dry out midday, rehydrate with a spritz of a hydrating mist. Misting both refreshes the skin and revives your makeup. Look for ingredients like Sodium Hyaluronate and Deuterium Oxide.

Try a facial oil

Oil is a scary word in the beauty industry, skin-healthy oils can work wonders. While hydrators boost water content in your skin, facial oils regulate your skin’s oil production. Oil can be used on dry or oily skin to soften and rejuvenate. not just oily skin.  I would highly recommend mixing a face oil with your favorite moisturizer. “Adding a few drops of a facial oil to your moisturizer will nourish and condition the skin, also give you an additional protective layer against the harsher climate.” wind and rain as well as sun and especially if you are planning to go skiing protect your face against the uv light and wear wrap around shades to protect your eyes.

While you’re at it, apply the oil to your cuticles for soft hands and do not forget your neck…

Wear lip balm through out the day …

After you brush your teeth in the morning, apply a light layer of lip balm Allow it to sink in before you apply your makeup. This will help your lips stay supple, even when using matte lipsticks.

Before you go to bed, coat your lips with a nourishing lip balm so your lips don’t dry out overnight. Need something heavy duty? for extremely chapped skin.


Many people experience seasonal skin sensitivity brought on by the change of seasons. Irritable skin needs a little extra TLC, so look for products labeled “gentle” or “sensitive” Calming, anti-inflammatory ingredients like Aloe and cucumber are good to look out for.

Five of my favorite winter skin essentials..


illuminating moisture balm, A little goes a long way and effortless to apply. it leaves a glow to the skin and feels naturally illuminated (not highlighted)


  This soften my hands and protects against wind and sun, it also helps minimize the look of age spots and conditions the nails.


tinted balm with spf 35 this gives a youthful glow to my skin with the protection, It smells divine and has a luxurious feel to it, Ive been using this forever and return to purchase every time.


My every day favorite is bobbi brown hydrating eye cream that smooths the under eye skin and a great prep for concealer. I also love the advanced night repair gel by estee lauder  this helps me with fine lines, puffiness and dark circles with instant results.

5, Lip balm True North Protective Lip Balm: £10, Harvey Nichols 

This has a high protection and feels silky smooth.

While the SPF50 can prevent skin damaged caused from harmful ultraviolet rays.





concealer love is an understatement

This concealer corrects and conceals like magic I am loving the texture, colours and results, tried and tested for full coverage for those tired under eyes that creates brightness without looking over highlighted.

Great for photography for a bride with no flashback it sits smooth on the skin on top of hydrating prep eye cream and long wearing.
Bobbi brown £23