10 Tips For Doing Your Own Wedding Makeup




  1. SKINCARE- is as important as your Makeup, good makeup starts with good skin, there are some good moisturisers with primer so no need to purchase both. I use Bobbi Brown Vitamin enriched face base and find that to be a very good base to work with, for both dry and oily skin types. I highly recommend a few drops of Bobbi Brown Extra Illuminating Moisture Balm for an added illuminating effect.  Treat yourself to a facial or pay more attention to your skin leading up to your wedding day, my advice, limit the alcohol intake and drink more water prior to your wedding day for fresher looking skin. Don’t forget to cleanse and moisturise twice a day and a night oil is always good in the evening to repair any damage to the skin. I would recommend Advanced Night Repair by Estee Lauder


  1. FOUNDATION- is a must have, even if you don’t wear it day-to-day it’s important to have even coverage on the skin for your photographs. If you have dry skin wear a moisturising one and don’t over powder the face, for oily skin wear an oil free foundation and carry a powder to dust over the oily areas. Avoid using a high SPF to limit any flashback in your photographs. FACE AND BODY  Mac cosmetics has a good sheer cover that you can build in areas needed and photographs well.


  1. CONCEALER- This would be my absolute must have, wear a warm colour under the eyes to avoid looking ash coloured, if you have dark circles, and try before you buy and if possible photograph in daylight to make sure you have the right colour. Your concealer should also cover what the foundation didn’t.


  1. POWDER- Use a translucent powder, I use a loose powder one without talc on almost every bride. A dust over of powder applied with a soft powder brush all over will set the Makeup perfectly.


  1. EYES- I use soft eye shadow colours like a soft brown with a waterproof liner to frame the eyes. I love Bobbi Brown Long Wear Get Liners in Sepia & Dark Chocolate. If you want to add a bit of shimmer to your liner use Chocolate Shimmer. I would always use waterproof mascara and depending on the bride maybe a few individual lashes to enhance the look.


  1. BLUSH/BRONZER- Apply bronzer lightly to give a nice Sunkist look. Then apply the blush to the apples of the cheeks to look blushed and fresh. A note on contouring. I get asked a lot about contouring and would naturally apply it to a face if needed, not every face shape needs it. Please be aware it’s a trend that’s not right for everybody and can date a look if not applied correctly.


  1. HIGHLIGHTERS- I love highlighters worn correctly. Apply some with a small soft fluffy brush on the high cheek and corner of the eyes to achieve a nice fresh glow. (dont over highlight)


  1. BROWS- nice groomed brows is a must on your wedding day, try to avoid over plucking them and have an expert brow technician shape them for you before your wedding day. Fill in any gaps with a brush and powder (not too dark.) maybe a shade lighter than your hair colour, I also use a brow shaper by Bobbi Brown to give a nice groomed not too defined look.


  1. LIPS- Lip liner the edge of the lips to frame and apply a matching lipstick to achieve the perfect pout, pick one that suits your skin tone and avoid sticky glosses.  If your lips are cracked or dry apply a balm to moisten the skin leading up to the day.


  1. Finish the look with a dust over of translucent powder to set, take a picture to make sure you’re happy.  Book a lesson if you’re not confident with applying your own Makeup it is possible to achieve the look you want by practicing.