10 Top Tips for fresher, younger looking skin

If you want to achieve good fresh skin for your wedding day or improve your appearance in general you have to put the work in before hand and not leave it all to your Makeup artist on the day.

1, Drink more water and limit your alcohol, sugar and caffeine intake to avoid the puffiness, dehydration and spots.

2, Either treat yourself to a facial or buy skin care that is suitable for your skin type, I have very dry skin and will moisturize with a hydrating moisturizer, there are lots of affordable skin care products for dry, oily and combination skin types.

3,Try to avoid packing on the makeup to cover any problem areas it will only make it more noticeable and probably look more mask like in appearance.

4,Do not forget your lips and neck when putting moisture onto your skin and also our hands.

5, If you fake tan do it properly use a tan that is right for your skin tone or you will look like an orange or unwell, I have a cool undertone and like to use a tan that makes my skin look olive and sun kissed.

6,Exfoliate your skin with a light facial scrub or facial sponge, it will remove the dead layer to look fresher.

7, Cleanse thoroughly twice a day, use a face cloth to remove all the dirt and pollution with your choice of product to suit your skin type, I like the Emma Hardie cleansing cloths they have a dual action for a pro clean to achieve in her words “amazing face” I cant agree more.

8,Moisturize your skin daily (no excuse you have time) use a mask while your watching the soaps and wear a serum, you can purchase for all budgets from £5-£500.

9,Wear a moisturizer with spf it will protect your skin from the environment, do not bake in the sun or lay on sunbeds for hours, both will age your skin prematurely and take away that freshness. quick fixes are usually the wrong fixes.

10, Do not neglect your skin, it is the largest organ on our body, it will also give our age away if neglected over time, smoking will impact our appearance over time and we wont be able to reverse the damage. look after your skin.


I hope you enjoyed my honest tips on skin, contact me if you would like to know what products or where to purchase any skin care to enhance your appearance and I will give you my unbiased opinion.


Bye for now


Sara x