The Light Salon facial

 14938259_10154851289770809_8434410392623779060_nThe+Light+Salon,+Harvey+Nichols+Beauty+RoomI highly recommend this affordable treatment, my skin looked tired and dehydrated until I started using the light salon, it now feels and looks fresh and radiant with a natural glow. The light delivers supercharged express LED facial that achieves a natural radiance to my skin. The treatment turns back the clock in 11 minutes and leaves you leaving feeling relaxed with fresh looking skin. I absolutely love this facial and noticed the difference immediately, the Light Salon is in Harvey Nichols set in the coolest beauty lounge with the most welcoming therapists. its the non-invasive route to younger looking skin. I receive lots of  compliments about my skin and at 48 my skin feels and looks fresher than it did 10 years ago, my makeup feels more flawless and I only wear tinted moisturizer since having the LED light facials, my skin feels naturally radiant now.

Although I do not have major concerns about my skin I do try and look after my skin and don’t want to age prematurely.  The Light Salon also delivers results for people suffering from acne, rosacea and pigmentation complications. 

The treatment would be amazing for a bride preparing her skin for her wedding day. An affordable treat for any bride to be.

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