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I would like to share my skincare routine with you as I believe its as important as the Makeup you apply, Good base is better Makeup. I often get asked what skincare I use and how to achieve fresh skin. My skin can be very dry so I have to put moisture back into it with products and healthy living.

CLEANSE. I like to use a deep cleansing oil that removes all traces of dirt and cosmetics while nourishing my complexion, I like my skin to feel soft and nurtured without feeling too greasy. There are 2 cleansers I like to use that I would recommend for dry maturer skin, my favorite is deep cleansing oil DHC price is £21.50 for 200ml and Origins gentle cleansing oil price £23.50 for 200ml. Both leave my skin feeling fresh and very clean.

TONE. I personally do not tone my skin and believe if I clean my skin well and splash cold water mineral mist is as effective as a toner. Most toners contain alcohol and I would prefer not to apply this to my face although there are toners free of alcohol.

SERUM. I love serums and really noticed the difference since Ive been using it, It reduces the aging process for fine lines wrinkles and age spots or discoloration. I like to apply this twice a day with my regular routine, I like to pat it onto my skin. The ones I like to use is Bobbi Brown intensive skin supplement price £45 for 30ml It contains white birch and grape extract and is anti aging It leaves my skin feeling supple.

EYE CREAM. I pat a small amount of cream around my crow feet area to avoid the fine lines and wrinkles so that it looks nourished and fresh. I use and love la Mer the concentrate, even though its expensive priced at £125  On my First application the texture/feeling was amazing.
So smooth, hydrating, controlled & absorbent :))
Not scented,heavily greasy, shiny or sticky. ABSOLUTE MUST HAVE! and only a little amount is needed.

MOISTURIZER. I apply this at least twice a day and very important to find the right one for your skin type, I need moisture that sinks into my skin and repairs it at night, Ive use Creme de la Mer for many years and works like a dream, My skin appears smoother, lines and wrinkles are reduced in appearance and even my drier areas  are soothed on contact. My skin really benefits from this product. I usually ask for this as a birthday gift and purchase the small one so that I can also travel with it. The price is £108 for 30ml.

NIGHT REPAIR. I love this product and is the best time to repair the skin from environmental damage, This product can help with a multitude of skincare concerns. Be it dehydrated, mature or oily skin, they can have impressive results. Ive reviewed a range of oils in order to recommend the very best. My absolute favorite  has to be night repair by Estee Lauder Apply on clean skin before your moisturizer. Use several drops. Smooth in gently all over face.

My skin is dry, I like it to look Dewey, I can achieve this by the skin routine I have posted today for you to read, I drink lots of water and do not smoke so that my skin looks fresh and hydrated.

Ive based my skincare routine on what I use and like for maturer dry skin, There are lots of products out there for all skin types and budgets, Please contact me if you are looking for something different or need help choosing your skincare.

Bye for now x

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