The Light Salon at Harvey Nichols



I’ve just had an amazing facial experience at The Light Salon Harvey Nichols. Not what you would expect from a facial, as this is completely different. After an initial cleanse, the treatment was a preconditoining light that creates movement in the top layers of the skin’s cells, leaving my skin glowing and youthful immediately.

The therapists were very welcoming,  knowledgable and professional. The light Salon is a beautiful environment which is calm and inviting, perfect for relaxation.


While I had my 11 minute treatment, I was given a hand and arm massage with the NUORI balm that left my skin feeling and looking silky smooth. I would highly recommend this experience. It was a luxury facial without the luxury price and suitable for all skin types, tones and skin needs.

Put simply, the expertly tested LED wavelengths are used in combination to activate your skin’s cells, spurring them to fight infection, help your skin protect itself against dirt, grime & UV exposure, and release type one collagen (that’s the good kind) & hyaluronic acid to plump, smooth and hydrate.


I left with the NUORI Supreme-C serum 20 day treatment, perfect for my dehydrated maturer skin.  I’ll update you on the results in a later post.

You can check out The Light Salon here

Bye for now x