1. Rubbing an ice cube over your pores for 10 to 15 seconds can help to tighten the skin and close up the pores, they will appear smaller and not as noticeable,
  2. Use baking soda. Make a paste from one tablespoon of baking soda and a little water. …
  3. Make an egg white mask.(splash warm water to your face to open the pores, mix the egg white with lemon juice then apply to your face for 15 mins) cheap and effective.
  4. To reduce the size of your existing enlarged pores, exfoliate your skin consistently to get rid of dead skin cells that can widen pores and thicken oils that can make your pore size to get enlarged. You can make a natural scrub at home by mixing together grounded orange dry peel and grounded almonds. This home made scrub is one of the best for removing dead skin cells and cleansing the skin. This also works to reduce size of the big, opened pores on nose, cheeks and face.
  5. exfoliating the skin is crucial it removes pores enlarging and removes dead cells from the surface,
  6. Rose water and cucumber are a natural ingredient that also reduce open pores.
  7. soak a soft cloth in lemon juice and was your face in the shower
  8. After removing dead cells you will need to wear a spf 15 or more because you will be more sensitive to UV light
  9. Tips for pores too appear smaller is to keep them clear. stick with noncomedogenic moisturizers and makeup; avoid products that contain heavy ingredients, like petrolatum and mineral oil, both of which may irritate pores and make them look bigger. Always wash your face with a gentle cleanser before bed to prevent the day’s dirt and makeup from clogging pores,Cleanse before and after working out, since sweat can carry cosmetics and debris to pore openings, where they’ll settle in and stretch the skin. When you cleanse, consider doing it with a power brush, such as the Clarisonic or freo
  10. simple techniques work for a quick fix but there are also a range of products on the market to reduce open pores for a longer period of time priced from £5-£150