I would like to share my view on spf and the importance of using it with you. Sunscreens with a higher SPF should offer more protection from the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation, which is linked to the vast majority of skin cancers, as well as premature skin aging and eye damage.

I would always use a high spf on my face in all weathers. I cant believe the amount of people that do not use it to enable them to get a tan, I love tan and looking healthy but not at the expense of my skin to damage or age faster than it should. Please read up on skin cancer and the effects it has  I have seen women as young as 22 years with skin cancer from sun damage. I remember when I was on holiday in Spain seeing a girl with 3rd degree burns from sunbathing after wearing Just oil (no spf) ouch!!!

Kiehls offer a wide range of skin care that contain spf  priced at around £20-£30 pounds for all skin types and tones. Also paulas choice offer a light weight easy to apply lotion with spf 30 two birds one expense priced at around £20 This brand offer a wide selection of affordable skincare with spf for men and women. I’m all about saving money if possible so there is no excuse ladies/gents not to wear spf in your daily routine.  its the price of a pack of cigs and a bottle of vino.

If you do the apple test it will show you how bad the sun is for your skin, Leave an apple in the sun for the day and watch the skin shrivel up. (This would be your skin if you let it bake in the sun) too much sun exposure will age and damage your skin. FACT!!


Apple proves why you should wear sun screen

This is the effects of an apple left in the sun after a few days. Sleep, drink water and treat your skin like royalty Remember the best foundation is healthy glowing skin. If you treat it well less Makeup is needed to look fresh and flawless.


Bye for now x