WONDERFUL product!!! It’s light and easily absorbed into the skin leaving no greasy residue. It has a light texture with a refreshing scent, I can apply any foundation on top without looking like Ive painted myself with white emulsion, the best tip about this product its strong enough to protect my sensitive skin from UV all day long!!! not even a tingle.
you can use a penny size amount and left my skin feeling hydrated all day.. price £31.00
bring on the sun without the burn..bb_prod_e8xk_415x415_0

It’s always good to have tips and tricks on beauty knowledge, I’m a believer in making the most of ourself with out surgery or spending a fortune

  • For many years I couldn’t afford many products so I either made my own or bought what was on offer. I always purchased a cleanser, morturiser and mascara, Now I buy products that work regardless of if it’s price tag from  £1 – £100 as long as it does what it says on the tin, and use it sparingly on you face to avoid  too much overload of products that can cause congestion or spots.
  • I like to see the  new brands with natural ingredients coming onto the market 🌻 they have a innocent 😇  feel to them with simple packaging and small price tag.
  • My advise to anyone would be to try before you buy ❤️ and read what is in the product before purchasing, don’t be sold by a sales pitch when buying cosmetics 😊

I love listening to women talk about their description of what is dry combination or oily, in ladies words “dry, wet, tight, “don’t know” choosing your skin care is really important to know your skin Type to choose the right skin care,  Use the product daily and watch the difference 😍 don’t neglect your skin due to sun damage and excess smoking and drinking alcohol then look back and regret when you hit 50 when looking  the mirror 😊 drink lots of water to keep hydrated and avoid sun beds, just a few simple tips to keep youthful 😊

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